Indra Gersone

     illustration & printmaking

Indra Gersone is a freelance illustrator and printmaker based in London. She works using cut and paste method creating collages that are filled with colour and texture. Indra uses screen printing technique to print her illustrations on paper and textile. She is influenced by abstract and folk art. Her biggest source of inspirations is animals, plants and paper cuts. She loves to explore cultures around the globe. She is always out there to observe her surroundings and explore new places.

When Indra is not working at her studio you can find her teaching beginners screen printing workshop at Print Club London, The Cass design school and occasionally working with Good day production. She also has created work for the director Dora Somrani, children cartoon channel JIM JAM, Venus Vinyl.

She has exhibited her work in exhibition ODDMENTS, Cross Section, The Makers Shops. You can buy her screen prints from Print Club London.




©Indra Gersone 2018



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